Macada Rural

Macada Rural operates over a number of properties in 3 districts within NSW. The company focuses on a number of Farming sectors. These being Doheny sheep, for both Wool and Fat lamb production. Angus and Poll Herford Breeding, fattening and some Stud. It also operates a significant cropping operation, producing a variety of Grans and cereals.

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Over the past 20 years Macada’s rural enterprises have continued to expand, to a level where Macada is now a major grain and wool producer. Macada runs properties in a number of regions across NSW which, whilst operating as independent enterprises, enjoy synergies that provide operational advantages.

North West Region

Goorianawa Station

“Goorianawa Station” is the flagship property of Macada Rural. The property is of historic note and has a reputation for its highly fertile farming plains. This unique, large scale, diversified agriculture holding is located in what is considered to be a generally safe rainfall district.

Mid Western NSW

KalneeDerowie WestMont Calm

Macada’s holdings in the Orange District comprise three properties, with operations primarily focussed on cattle breeding, and fat lamb and wool production.

NSW Central Tablelands

Oberon DistrictBlack Springs

Cattle grazing and breeding operations are run across two properties in the Oberon District with an emphasis on the production of high quality stock to meet various market sectors.